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Please read new information for 2023 below!

Health Day

Active club members only

The lifelong health of our Dobermans and the continuing health of our breed is a primary concern for all Doberman owners. A yearly Holter and echocardiogram is recommended for all Dobermans over 2 or 3 years of age. The PSDPC Health Day offers the OFA cardiac screening echocardiograms, as well as vaccines, microchipping, health certificates and lab/blood work options. The Total Health Profile bloodwork includes the ProBnP test. 

2023 Health Day: December 9

This year, the clinic will be held in a NEW location: Argus Ranch Facility for Dogs in Auburn, WA on Saturday, December 9. All appointments require registration and payment in advance. Click to download. The clinic fills quickly and appointments will be on a first-come-first-served basis. Dogs not on the schedule will not be included in the clinic — no exceptions. 

Holter Monitor rental

Our club also offers Holter monitor rentals to all members. It's recommended that all Dobermans over the age of two have annual Holter testing. If you have not had a recent Holter, it's a good idea to test before getting the echocardiogram on Health Day. NOTE: the Holter takes approximately one week per person, please plan in advance. Click here to learn more.

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Health Day Subsidies: 

Beginning 2023, the PSDPC Board of Directors voted to maintain the club health day stipend, however it will now be merit based. Subsidies are available for active Club members based on volunteerism or donations to the club for the previous year.

Some events require volunteer helpers to assist, and those helpers will be given credit for each full day they work at the event. Special circumstances will be given consideration by the board on a case-by-case basis. A member can earn multiple credits a year. There is no longer a requirement for length of time as a member, nor does membership alone guarantee a stipend.

The stipend qualifications extend from the Health Day date for one year (eg: from December 9, 2022 to December 10, 2023) as determined by the Board of Directors and maintained by the Treasurer. The stipends are non-transferable and must be used in the year earned. 

Each qualified credit earned will equate to one dog stipend at Health Day ($100 echocardiogram, $50 Total Health Plus Profile). The Club Treasurer will keep an annual list of those who have earned credits and provide that info to the Health Day coordinators. They will use that list to apply the stipend on your invoice.

Examples of qualified volunteer positions are:

  • Specialty Show Chair(s)
  • Agility Trial Chair(s)
  • Scent Trial Chair(s)
  • WAE Event Chair(s)
  • Sniff 'n' Go Chair(s)
  • Volunteer workers at any of the PSDPC Events (full day requirement)
  • Health Day Chair(s) and providers
  • Newsletter / Website maintenance
  • Board Executive Committee: President, Secretary, Treasurer

Trophy or other financial donations also qualify for the stipend. For every $50 donated to the Club, you will receive one stipend.

  • $50 - 1  stipend
  • $100 - 2 stipends
  • $150 - 3 stipends
  • $200 - 4 stipends

You will not receive a stipend at the Health Day without approved credit from the Club Treasurer.


The PSDPC and its representatives reserve the right to refuse service to any individual who fails to abide by the rules of the event or disrespects, misuses or abuses the event volunteers or the event property. Any dog exhibiting any type of aggressive or overly fearful behavior will be immediately removed. In either case no refunds will be issued.

Exam limits:

The PSDPC Health Day is intended only as a breed screening exam and does not include diagnostics or follow-up support. Veterinarians in attendance as well as the veterinary technician will only present you with the results of your screening and/or lab results. Time constraints will not allow them to give a medical opinion or treatment options. Any follow-up or additional diagnostics must be with your regular veterinarian or by a separate appointment scheduled with a cardiologist or other specialist.

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Please note: We can not provide advice on any medical conditions (including cropping), training, behavior issues or nutrition. Contact your veterinarian directly. In addition, PSDPC does not recommend, guarantee, endorse, nor rate any breeders, their kennels, or dogs.

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