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AKC specialty shows

Specialty Shows

The 2020 PSDPC August Specialties are cancelled along with the August Olympic Kennel Club shows. We hope to once again hold our specialties in 2021. 

We offer two-day back-to-back Specialties in August, including obedience and rally trials. These are usually held in conjunction with the Olympic Kennel Club show in Enumclaw, WA.

We welcome the public to attend our Specialites and learn more about Dobermans.

Public events

Competition & public events

Agility Trials

The PSDPC Club holds two agility trials each year, typically in July and December. Come join us! We welcome competitors of all breeds and encourage volunteers and spectators. Trials are fun and we often host a silent auction.

We also host other competitive and fun events such as Meet the Breeds at the Washington State Fair, tracking seminars, scent work and barn hunt. We offer the DPCA's Working Aptitude Evaluation approximately every other year. 

For club members, we host an annual Health Day which includes an echocardiogram and laboratory work.

Specialty Shows

PSDPC holds back-to-back Specialites in August of each year including the NOHS and Junior Showmanship and Sweepstakes, Obedience and Rally trials. These are AKC Licensed, unbenched outdoors (Obedience and Rally are held indoors).

The entry limit is 100 each show for both days. These Specialties run concurrent with the Olympic Kennel Club and the Mt. Rainier Working Dog Club.

We were the first DPCA Chapter club to host both a Judges Education Seminar and an Exhibitors Education Seminar in conjunction with our specialty shows and often provide educational seminars as part of our Specialties. We have sponsored several Breeders Rap Sessions and continue to make this an important part of our continuing education.

We hope to hold our annual Specialties in August 2021.

Trophy Prizes: 2021

Contact our Trophy Prize Committee below if you have already sponsored a trophy for 2020 (Thank you!)

And please consider sponsoring our 2021 Specialty Trophies, bigger and better than ever!

Agility Trials

The Club holds two agility trials each year, generally in July and December. These are three day trials for all AKC-recognized breeds and All American Dogs at all levels of agility, limited to 660 entries.

We encourage everyone to come — agility is fun for everyone.

Christmas Doberphotos

Our December agility trials usually feature a fun photo booth, complete with props and treats for good dogs (and their people)! This year may be limited, please be patient with us as we try to figure out the safest thing for everyone. Special thanks to our 0talented photographer Nina Hagen!

Working Aptitude Evaluations

As a local chapter of the Doberman Pinscher Club of America, we follow the principles of the DPCA to preserve and protect the Doberman Pinscher and to do all possible to bring its natural qualities to perfection.

The perfection we seek is embodied in three sets of characteristics: those of conformation, those of temperament, and those of trainability. This program has, as its fundamental purpose, the recognition of Dobermans having those natural qualities of beauty and functional utility that make the breed what it was intended to be.

In order to earn a Working Aptitude Certificate (WAC), a Doberman must demonstrate the characteristics required of a dog to be a stable companion and resolute protector.

In order to earn a Register of Merit (ROM) award from the DPCA, a Doberman must earn an AKC championship, an approved working title, and pass the Working Aptitude Evaluation. You can learn more about the WAE at the DPCA site here.

PSDPC holds periodic Working Aptitude Evaluations, generally every other year.

Health Day

Active club members only

The lifelong health of our Dobermans is a primary concern. PSDPC holds an annual Health Day for club members, with veterinary professionals offering echocardiograms, vaccines, microchipping, health certificates and lab/blood work options.

Health Day is held each year at Zendog in Granite Falls. See below for more information about the 2020 Health Day on Saturday, December 19. 

The PSDPC also offers Holter monitor rentals to all members. It’s recommended that all Dobermans over the age of two have annual Holter testing. If you have not had a recent Holter, it’s a good idea to test before getting the echocardiogram on Health Day. 

See our Membership page to become an active member of the PSDPC.

Saturday, December 19, 2020

By Appointment Only at Zendog, Granite Falls

Please review the procedures below for the Health Day this year.

Social distancing and masks are required
Things may change, but of course it’ll still be flu and cold season. Let’s keep each other healthy! Dr. Woodfield will have all paperwork done in advance and his assistant will hold the dogs during the exam. There will not be a waiting area in the clinic.

Spaces are limited, please register early.

Register by December 6
All paperwork will be prepared before the clinic and will be ready for your appointment. Dogs not on the schedule will not be included in the clinic — no exceptions. Download the interactive form here or click on the form image.

This is an interactive fill-in form: open the file and click on each of the areas to fill in your information. When completed, choose “Save as…” on your computer and save as a file you can then attach to an email.

One form per dog
Fill out both sides of this form for each dog and send to Patti Larkin at no later than Sunday, December 6. (You can also print and mail your form[s] with check to Patti. Mailing address is on the second page of the form.)

We will invoice you via email when we receive your completed paperwork — you will be able to pay through PayPal or check to PSDPC. We will then schedule your appointment once payment is received.

We’ll send out a schedule one week before the clinic along with any other information. We must receive payment before scheduling your appointment. Dogs not on the schedule will not be included in the clinic.

Two dogs per person
If you have more than two dogs to be tested you must have a helper to move dogs in and out of the clinic.

Bring extra patience
Appointments are approximately 20-30 minutes per dog. Please be on time and be patient with us as we try to safely accommodate as many dogs as possible throughout the day.